Terms and Conditions of Use for Customers

Updated May 2019

The following terms are for the customers who buy digital books in Credinspress.com :

1.- The customers by paying a fee are allowed to download the ebooks, and each copy is only for personal use under a non-commercial way and copyright law.

2.- The ebooks sold by Credins Press and samples of ebook must not sub-licensed, resold, rented, shared or distributed to others.

3.- If customers would like to buy an ebooks, they need to register for an account and login in their accounts which will require a country location, valid credit card or Pay Pall account, and mailing address to which the credit card or PayPal is attached.           

3.-  Customers will have the opportunity to review the ebook, and  Credins Press or Authors will decide if their reviews are published in Credinspress.com.

4.- The prices are listed in US currency and customers are responsible to pay the sale price, and sale tax rate in case this is applied to the customers based on their home or business address location. 

5.- Because Credins Press is located in Alabama, customers from Alabama will be charged sales tax. Customers from other states will be charged with sales tax if a) the state of buyer charge sales tax for digital services, ebook, and b) Credins Press surpasses a certain amount of sales or transactions per year or determined period, depending of each state home of buyer typically the amount of sales tax should be higher than $ 100000 in sales or 200 transactions per year.

6.- For foreign businesses or customers located in Europe countries, VAT (value added tax) number is required to avoid charging sales tax, on the other hand, if a buyer is a customer without a VAT, sales tax might be charged known as VAT depending on the country if Credins Press exceeds a certain amount of sales annually. Buyer from the entire world can buy ebooks, except Serbia, Albania, and Saudi Arabia where VAT cannot be registered because they demand a local tax representative.

7.- Because the ebooks are digital products downloaded to the customer, the payment is non-refundable.

8.- The customers recognize and agree that Credins Press website and service are the property of Credins Press and the ebooks are the property of the authors.

9.- Registered Credins Press customer members might terminate their membership at any moment.

10.- If a claim or legal proceeding are produced due to the non-compliance from any of the above terms or conditions,  customers agree to compensate for any fee because of judgment or livability.

11.- Credins Press does not warrant a suitable installation environment for the product due to unexpected defects, damage by natural disasters, unexpected attachment or misconfiguration. Further, Credins Press does not warrant that the ebooks or sample ebooks converge the needs of the customers.  The ebooks or sample ebooks are provided as their original conditions, including any faults or problems.

12.- This agreement should be governed by and interpreted with the laws of the State of Alabama. If any portion in this Agreement is declared invalid, the parties assert that remaining parts of the agreement is viable. This agreement does not create an agency, partnership or joint venture. The jurisdiction and venue for all-purpose are in Limestone County, Alabama.

13.- Credins Press has rigid policies for keeping safe the privacy of authors, agents, or publishers. By using Credins Press, you agree for the collection and use of your information according to the Credins Press’ privacy policy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date and the year upon which the Customer first approved such Terms of Service.

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