Terms and Conditions of Use for Author or Publisher

Updated May 2019

The following terms of service, which might be amended from time to time, are an agreement between You (Author, Agent, or Publisher) and Credins Press. By using the service available in this affiliated domain (Credinpres.com) you agree to the following terms:

A.- Credins Press operates as Credinspress.com store and self-serve ebook publishing. If you publish with Credins Press, you hold all the legal rights, responsibilities or liabilities because Credins Press provides tools to publish your books either ebook or printed book.

B.- If you upload an ebook to Credins Press, you realize and certify that you are the legal publisher of this work and guarantee that no parts of your book violate the rights of another person, party or entity. Even though Credins Press provides guideless and requirements to publish your book, you are responsible for the writing, editing, formatting and cover design of your book. If you are self-author publisher, because our goal is to ensure credibility, quality, and inspiration, three steps are required to publish with Credins Press: 1.- evidence of one proofreading; 2.- evidence of one editing; 3.- proper formatting style. Credins Press assigns a Credins Press standard identification number (CSIN) for electronic versions of the work. If you are already published your book by a publishing house, which the book had already been proofreading, editing and formatting, your book will be ready for selling in credinspress.com, but Credins Press reserves the rights to approve the publication for selling in credinspress.com. It is our core to promote credibility, inspiration, and quality, for these reasons our target is to publish ebooks with credibility and quality.

C.- Rights, and responsibilities between You (author, agent or publisher) and Credins Press:

1.- You authorize and assign to Credins Press the non-exclusive worldwide rights to digitally publish, market and sell your book.  Due to non-exclusive rights, you can publish, license, market or sell your book elsewhere. Credins Pres will sell the ebooks on your behalf and will charge and collect sales tax and remitting sales tax in states or countries where digital books are taxable.                         

2.- The digital book will be published as it is delivered to us, without modifications from us, but some changes might happen because of file or design conversions. Due to infringement, Credins Press might decide not to publish or discontinue the publication of your ebook in Credinspress.com. You can unpublish the ebook from credinspress.com anytime by using your dashboard.

3.-  If written notice is reported a party infringed, plagiarism, or defamed by author’s book, Credins Press will withdraw the ebook from credinspress.com.

4.- The author, agent or publisher must hold the copyright of the ebook or have the approval of the copyright holder. A copyright notice placed in the copyright page is your responsibility. If publish with Credins Press, some format will be recommended.

5.- The author is responsible to submit the digital formats that would like to publish. Credins Press can convert from Microsoft Word file to pdf file.

6.- Royalties and rights: If you publish and sell in credipress.com, Credins Press agrees to pay the author 100% of the net income, defined the latter as sale price minus processing fee (2.9% of sale price in USA and 3.9% of sale price other countries than USA), transaction fee ($ 0.30 per transaction), fees due to remittance of sales tax in case the sales tax is charged, and costs if there is the case due to erroneous, fraudulent transactions, or credit card charge-backs. If you sell in credinspress.com an already published book, which was proofreading, edited and formatted by a publishing house, the royalty is 100% of the net income, see item 6 for definition.  Credins Press contains the rights to circulate samples, % authorized by the author, in any media form media for promoting e-books and Credins Press Service. Further, Credins Press contains the rights to generate drive traffic to ebooks on credinspress.com site using general Search Engine Optimization services or promotional hypertext links.

7.- Authors decides the sale pricing, sampling viewable percentage of preview, and output format. The percentages of sample viewable percentage are between 5 to 30%.

8.- Credins Press distributes the royalties or payments for authors after 15 days of the date sale. The payment can be done via Paypal or Credit card.

9.- Before royalties can be delivered the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that Credins Press collect tax certifications for the author, agent or publisher. For US residents or UB business, needs a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID Number (EIN) and US postal mailing address. For other residents outside of the US, Authors must complete the online Form W-9, Form W-8BEN, or Form W-8BEN-E. If these SSN or forms are submitted, the IRS requires that Credins Press withhold 28% of earning for US-residents and 30% for non-US residents. The Form W-8BEN and Form W-8BEN-E are valid for three years, thereafter new Form should be delivered.

10.- Author, agent or publisher will have an account and email with the access of a Dashboard. The account security is your responsibility to assign a secure password combination.

11.- Author, agent or publisher after completing the above requirement will be granted to publish within the 72 hours. Your account will be closed or confiscated the royalties if the following items are not achieved:

  a) You are the only author of the work, sole owner of the rights, or full rights of the ebook.

  b) The ebook is complete.

  c)  Your work does not contain plagiarism which infringes any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights, do not violate the publicity rights of another person or entity, do not disclose any information that is not consent by a person or entity, do not violate state or federal laws, do no promote illegal activities, do no promote systems about how to get rich on the internet by publishing ebooks, do not make misleading or false promises, do not use pen name similar as famous author, do not contain graphic images of nudity either photographic or illustrated or persons engaged in sexual acts. 

12.- Credins Press authors might unpublish their ebooks at any moment, except the purchased ebooks that have been bought recently by customers.

13.- If a claim or legal proceeding are produced due to the non-compliance from any of the above terms or conditions,  authors, agent or publisher agree to compensate for any fee because of judgment or livability. In case a notice of any claim has been reported, Credins Press will have the right to hold back any sum payable to the author for potential Author’s obligations.

14.- The authors, agent and publisher trust that the consumer will honor their legal copyrights and act in accordance with their licensing term. Credins Press firmly will not accept piracy/infringement of the author’s ebooks and at the same time cannot entirely avoid piracy/infringement of the author’s ebook.

15.- Credins Press does not warrant a suitable installation environment for the product due to unexpected defects, damage by natural disasters, unexpected attachment or misconfiguration. Further, Credins Press does not assurance for any rupture of the customer Licence Agreement such as unauthorized modification or distribution of the whole or portion of the author’s work. In any case, Credins Press is responsible to author, agent or publisher for consequential damage of any type. In case Credins Press is found liable, the author grants that Credins Press’ liability will not exceed the quantity collected due to his ebook.

16.- Credins Press has the policy of zero-tolerance for copyright infringement. In case infringement notices have been produced, we welcome to notify us. Under this scenario, Credins Press may remove the Author’s work and reserve the right until the facts are clearly revealed.

17.- Authors, agent, and publisher are forbidden for promoting their ebooks via spam email, considered as false senders, reply addresses, or similar. If this action is reported, it will be in risk to be terminated their accounts, removal of their ebooks and confiscation of any royalties.

18.- Credins Press has rigid policies for keeping safe the privacy of authors, agents, or publishers. By using Credins Press, you agree for the collection and use of your information according to the Credins Press’ privacy policy.

19.- This agreement should be governed by and interpreted with the laws of the State of Alabama. If any portion in this Agreement is declared invalid, the parties assert that remaining parts of the agreement is viable. This agreement does not create an agency, partnership or joint venture. The jurisdiction and venue for all-purpose are in Limestone County, Alabama.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date and the year upon which the Author first approved such Terms of Service.

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