Top Advantages Of Display Ads You Should Know


Display ads are a fantastic way for small businesses to connect with the right customers and can be found on almost any kind of website. However, how does display advertising differ from other online advertising formats, and why is it essential for small businesses? We will discuss the definition of display advertising as well as its advantages in this post.

What is display advertising?

Online advertisements known as “display advertising” are visual advertisements that run on websites and usually have a CTA. Customers may encounter display advertisements on any type of website. Search advertising or pay per click ads that show up on search engine results pages are not the same as display advertising. PPC advertisements appear when a customer searches on a search engine, while promotional display advertisements are posted on the website that the customer clicks through. PPC ads that show up on search engine results pages are not the same as display advertising. PPC advertisements appear when a customer searches on Google or Bing, while display advertisements appear on the website that the customer clicks through on a search engine page. Now that we are clear on what display advertising is, let’s see why it is such an effective marketing tactic for small companies.

They are appealing to the eye

Display ads can (and should!) be designed and styled, which is one of its initial advantages. Conventional pay-per-click advertisements are limited to text and character counts, which can hinder the efficiency and speed at which you can grab viewers’ attention and deliver your message. You can use visuals, audio, video for your brand to stand out to users and grab their attention with digital display advertising.

They promote visibility and brand awareness

A potential client must be aware of your company’s existence in order to be attracted. Additionally, as per Localogy, it now takes 10 brand encounters for consumers to consider doing business with a company, as opposed to just seven a few years ago. Attacking and reaching out to customers before they’re in need of a particular service or product from you is possible with display advertising. Because they’ve seen your name online repeatedly, you stand a better chance of being the first person they think of when they need what your company has to offer.

They can target the customers

It is important to focus your digital marketing strategy towards the individuals who have the greatest bearing on your business. You can use precise parameters for your display marketing, the way you can for Facebook and PPC advertising targeting. These parameters include the websites on which your display ads appear, the geographic area in which they appear, and the demographic or niche market that they target.

Target customers on the go

Geofencing is another practical display advertising tactic. By sending adverts to mobile devices based on a user’s current location, you can target consumers who are already out shopping and have a high intent to buy.

With geofencing, you can create a virtual barrier around a specific area. From there, you can use geofencing to target anyone who uses a mobile device to enter that area with offers and deals.

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