Isla Amelia Gates: Josh Gates’ Gorgeous Daughter


Isla Amelia Gates is the daughter of Josh Gates, an American broadcaster and television producer. Josh, in particular, served as co-executive producer and host of Destination Truth and Standard on Syfy.

He also hosts and co-executive producer of Expedition Unknown for The Discovery Channel. People know him from his work on Ghost Hunters, where he was a guest investigator, and from live specials he has hosted.

He owns Ping-Pong Productions, a production business that creates Ghost Nation and other supernatural TV programs. Josh is also involved in other entertainment ventures, such as voice work and audiobook narration, like A Brother Journeys by Time Warner.

AudioFile Magazine gave him the Earphones Award for her great audio presentations. Although he hardly ever discusses his children in the public eye, many admirers are interested in finding out more about his daughter online.

Isla Amelia Gates Parents and Siblings:

Josh Gates is a proud father to daughter Isla Amelia Gates and son Owen. Josh married his longtime girlfriend and co-star on Destination Truth, Hallie Gnatovich, in 2014.

The couple had children together. However, their relationship broke down and ended on July 13, 2021. They revealed that they had been living separately for one and a half years in August 2021. Many people also speculate whether his daughter will work on television like her father. However, she has not disclosed any public information about her goals or hobbies.

Despite being in the public eye, little is known about Isla’s personal life aside from what can be found online. For example, you have yet to learn much about her school or hobbies, but hopefully, you’ll learn more as she ages.

Since then, Isla has kept a low profile, and it’s unknown what she plans to do career-wise. However, with her father being a successful TV personality, Isla will follow in his footsteps at some point.

Isla’s Father, Josh Gates, Bio:

He was brought up by his parents, Lee and Sonia Gates, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. The city of Los Angeles, California, is now home to him. He is an adventurer and explorer who has visited more than 100 countries. He has a distinct sense of humor and a strong desire to go off the beaten path in search of the world’s most famous stories.

He has always been an adventurer at heart, and he loves to explore new places and take photographs. Gates joined the University of Maryland with studies at Caesarea Maritima in Israel before concentrating on his broadcasting career.

But his restlessness has led him away from the sweltering African deserts to the cold shores of Antarctica – he’s even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (called “the roof of Africa”) and Aconcagua (the tallest mountain in the Americas).

He has degrees in archaeology and drama from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, so it’s no wonder that Gates is a member of the prestigious group The Explorers Club. This club promotes field research and exploration all over the world.

Josh Gates Career:

Josh Gates is a television personality and explorer who hosted the show Destination Truth on the Syfy channel from 2007 until 2012. The show was top-rated, with its second season premiere being the highest-rated reality show on Syfy during that period. However, it ended after five seasons.

He has worked on various shows related to the paranormal and supernatural. In 2008, he met with Joe Rohde from Walt Disney Imagineering to discuss an episode of “Destination Truth” in which the team found a cast of a “Yeti” footprint. The cast is now displayed at Expedition Everest.

Ghost Hunters:

If you’re a fan of the Ghost Hunters TV show, you’ll love “Ghost Hunters Live.” The show has had eight live episodes hosted by Isla Amelia Gates‘ father, Josh gates. It featured some of the most memorable moments from the show, as well as guest appearances from former cast members Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves. 

He also played an investigator on four episodes as a guest. Gates presented an episode of Ghost Hunters Live on Halloween in 2007 and appeared as a special guest on the series finale of Ghost Hunters International in 2008. Take advantage of this if you’re looking for an exciting and spooky night out!

Expedition Unknown:

Isla Amelia Gates‘ father presents the Discovery Channel show Expedition Unfamiliar as its host and authority producer. After the show’s first airing in January 2015 on Travel Channel, he left, and now, eight years later, in October 2020, the show is on its eighth season.

To fill the remaining time and extra airtime in 2020, he produced Josh Gates Tonight, an at-home COVID-19 pandemic version of his program. He engages visitors in video chats to discuss travel and lifestyle.

Back to the Future:

A four-part special of Expedition: Unknown titled “Back to the Future” aired in 2021. Back to the Future Part II follows Gates and Christopher Lloyd as they search for the remaining six-time machines (DeLoreans) utilized in filming the Back to the Future films. 

Josh Gates Appearances in Different Shows:

  • In 2002, Josh Gates appeared on the ESPN game show/reality program hybrid Beg, Borrow, and Deal.
  • Indeed Famous, a 2006 show sponsored by Budweiser, featured him as its main attraction.
  • Josh investigated paranormal occurrences in two episodes of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files in May 2012.
  • The paranormal reality shows Stranded, which premiered on the SyFy channel in February 2013, was conceived, supervised, and narrated by Josh Gates, the father of Isla Amelia Gates.

Gates is a voice actor as well. Richard B. Pelzer’s autobiography A Brother’s Journey, which is available as an audiobook through Time Warner, is read by him. This honor goes to outstanding audio presentations that excel in narrational voice and style, vocal character development, adaptation to the audio medium, and overall value added to the text.

Last Series of Expedition X:

Gates premiered his latest series, “Expedition X,” in February 2020. In it, Phil Torres, a scientist, and Jessica Chobot, a paranormal investigator, investigate claims of ghosts and the like.

The first episode of “Josh Gates Tonight,” hosted by Gates, aired in April 2020. There, he conducts video interviews with attractive people from all around the world, including former cast members of Expedition: Unknown and other adventure shows.

Production ceased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the creation of the replacement program. Since the public was under lockdown and prohibited from leaving their houses, filming could still occur.

How Does It Feel To Be The Daughter Of Josh Gates?

Growing up, she had the opportunity to travel worldwide with her father and experience different cultures. In addition to traveling, Isla loves spending time with her brother Owen. She is destined to follow in her father’s footsteps as an adventurer and traveler.

While some children might find it challenging to have a parent constantly traveling away from home, Isla seems to love it. You often find photos of Isla Amelia Gates with her dad on his social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, showing off their adventurous exploits together. Another celebrity daughter who has been in the spotlight is Evin Harrah Cosby, the daughter of Bill Cosby. Despite the controversies surrounding her father, Evin has spoken about their close relationship and how he has positively influenced her life.

Does she plan to follow in her dad’s footsteps and become an explorer too?

At just 7 years old, it’s unclear what Isla will want to do later in life, but she seems interested in following in her father’s footsteps as an adventurer. Josh also has a son named Owen. Like his sister, Owen seems interested in traveling and exploring new places. The two siblings are sure to have some fantastic adventures together.

What Makes The Youngest Child of Explorer Josh Gates so Special?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as what makes Isla Amelia Gates so special will vary depending on the individual’s perspective.

Some might say that her young age and her parents’ status as explorers make her unique and privileged; others might argue that the strength of character she has demonstrated in the face of difficulties sets her apart from other children.

To begin with, at only four years old, Isla Amelia Gates is already a veteran world traveler – something not many can claim to have done by such a young age. Her father, Josh Gates’ occupation as an explorer means that she has been exposed to different cultures and languages from an early age, making her unusually well-rounded for someone so small. This global upbringing will undoubtedly stand Isla Amelia Gates in good stead when she grows up and embarks on her adventures. 

What is Isla Amelia Gates’ age?

Isla Amelia Gates was born in 2015 and is around 5 to 7 years old, based on her physical appearance. However, her exact date of birth is unknown. Josh wed Hallie in 2014, and Owen was born to them in 2016. On the other side, there is not much of a difference in age or appearance between Owen and Isla.

Owen and Isla are probably spending quality time with their dad this weekend. He often posts adorable pictures of his children on his Instagram account, suggesting that Owen and Isla currently reside with their father. Josh doesn’t talk much about his kids online, even though many admirers are interested in learning more about them.


  • Isla Amelia Gates is the daughter of explorer and TV personality Josh Gates, who is best known for his work on the show Destination Truth.
  • Her parents have been very open about sharing photos of their growing family on social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Fans of her dad’s show will likely be interested in seeing this little girl’s adventurous spirit.
  • In addition to being a daddy’s girl, it looks like Isla also loves spending time with her mom – they are often photographed together out exploring new places.

Social Media Account:

Unfortunately, she could be more active on social media or Instagram presently. There is a mystery surrounding this beautiful young girl that fans can’t seem to get enough of. Fans often search for Isla and her brother Owen on Instagram and other platforms, but it seems that Josh is keeping them away from the public eye.

Despite the lack of information about her personal life, her father is active on his Instagram handle under the user name ‘@Gatesygram,’ where he has amassed 379k followers! Josh is committed to keeping Isla and his son Owen away from unwanted attention.


Isla Amelia Gates is the daughter of Josh Gates and his wife, Hallie Gnatovich. She was born in 2015. In addition to her parents’ high profiles, Isla has already begun making a name for herself at just 7 years old. She frequently appears on her father’s social media accounts, showcasing her adorable smile and adventurous spirit. She is a happy, healthy little girl who loves spending time with her family.


Who is Isla Amelia Gates?

Isla Amelia Gates is the daughter of an American television presenter and producer Josh Gates, who is most famous for his work in Destination Truth and Expedition Unknown.

What is Isla known for?

Isla is known for her frequent appearances with her dad, Josh Gates, and is quickly gaining fame thanks to her cuteness and adorable personality.

Does Isla have an Instagram account?

No, there is no known public profile associated with her name.

How old is Isla?

Isla is currently 5-7 years old.

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