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Who was Ken Block?

Ken Block was born on November 21, 1967, in Long Beach, California, United States of America. He was a professional rally driver and a well-known action sports and motorsports community figure. He was the co-founder of Hoonigan Racing Division and DC Shoes. He is famous for his Gymkhana viral videos, where he showed his driving skills and performed dangerous and breathtaking high-speed stunts.

The videos have been popular all over the world, with getting millions of views on Youtube. It helped him to grow his fanbase through a widely used social media platform. Despite his videos, he was a great rally driver who competed in several competitions and won many awards during his tenure. He is known for his unique driving in custom-built racing cars.

Biography of Ken Block 

Ken Block Full NameKenneth Paul Block
Ken Block Age55 years
Date of Birth21-11-1967
ProfessionRally Driver
Ken Block Net Worth$200 million
Marital StatusMarried
Co-FounderDC Shoes, Hoonigan Industries

Ken Block Early Life

Block was born and raised in California and started skateboarding at a young age. He had an extreme passion for sports and joined the surfing and skateboarding community. He quickly learned the techniques, became proficient through hard practice, participated in several competitions, and became popular in the community. His skills gained the attention of professional skateboarders, who took him under their wing to help him improve his skills.

After high school, he went to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena to study graphic design. Block completed his graphic design degree with honors in 1990 and started a successful career. However, he never left the spirit for sports in his heart and continued participating in skateboarding and other adrenaline-fueled activities. He participated and competed in competitions to follow his passion for being a sportsman.

He co-founded DC Shoes with Damon, who was a designer and a professional skateboarder. The company became popular in the early 1990s as a leading brand in the skateboarding community and action sports. Block worked hard and helped in the company’s growth through creative direction and marketing strategies. Later, he found rally racing and immediately became obsessed with the sport.

Block practiced hard to get the driving skills to compete with other racers. He started competing in local rallies and proved himself to the world that everything is possible when you work hard by winning several regional events. After he was determined for his passion, he finally got the chance to lead his country as a rally race driver in the 2005 World Rally Championship (WRC).

Since he participated and debuted in the championship, he became more recognizable and a successful sportsman in the sports industry. He was a natural skateboarding talent in his early life and had an extreme passion for sports.

Ken Block Parents and Siblings

Block’s parents were Arthur Block and Barbara Block. They have two children, Ken Block and David Block. Arthur was a successful businessman and owned an organization of car dealerships, while Barbara was a homemaker. Block grew up in southern California and had a passion for sports and racing from an early age.

His family supported him from the beginning of his career. They knew that Ken had a crazy passion for sports, so his mother always took care of him and supported him mentally. It boosted Ken’s encouragement and motivation to become a great sportsman in front of his parents to make them proud.

Ken’s family often attended his racing competitions to cheer him up.

Parents: Arthur Block and Barbara Block

Siblings: David Block (brother)

Ken Block Wife / Kids

Block married Lucy Block in July 2004 and had three kids together. Ken Block kids are Lia Block, Catie Block, and Cora Block. 

Wife: Lucy Block

Kids: Lia Block, Catie Block, Cora Block

Ken Block Career

Ken started his career as a skateboarder and participated in professional competitions, but lately, he decided to be a rally racing driver. He debuted as a professional rally driver in 2005 in a daring style, and people loved watching his exceptional skills. He had competed in several rally events worldwide, such as World Rally Championship, X Games, and Global RallyCross Championship.

He started recording his high-speed driving stunts and skills and uploaded them on Youtube. Hoonigan Racing Division produced the videos, which got millions of views on Youtube by getting viral. Despite his driving career, he was also a successful entrepreneur. He was the co-founder of DC Shoes, which became so popular in the world of skateboarding shoes.

In 2011, he sold his stake in the company to Quicksilver, inc. He made his name in motorsports by winning numerous awards and was the world’s best rally racer at his peak.

As a Professional Driver

Ken was the most significant driver in rally racing competitions ever seen. The world loved him for his unique and daring driving style. He did many jaw-breaking high-speed stunts in a controlled environment, and people always appreciated him for entertaining them. He is still considered the most entertaining driver. 

As a professional driver, he achieved many local and international trophies by competing in multiple race events. He is recognized for his creative and innovative techniques in motorsports as his contributions. He won the championship from 2007 to 2008 and also competed in the WRC.

In racing, he always pushed his limits with his aggressive driving style. He always loved to drift cars in different sliding styles at high speed. He also performed in worldwide drifting exhibition events and even released a video game in his name.

Hoonigan Industries & The Gymkhana Files

He was the founder and owner of Hoonigan Industries, a brand about automotive lifestyle and media presentation. Hoonigan was recognized through his amazing videos, products, and events covering motorsports enthusiasts. The company became popular and quickly gained the world’s attention. His Gymkhana series is the most viral and favorite video series that is appreciated worldwide. 

In Gymkhana videos, he performed high-end skills and drifted in various cars. After increasing its fanbase through Gymkhana videos, Hoonigan expanded through a variety of businesses, like a racing team, toy line, and clothing line. The organization also hosts famous worldwide events to promote awareness about motorsports and also promote its products.

Ken always described “cars as more than a transportation service: they are more than a vehicle; cars are also a way to express yourself, enjoy, and have fun.” Hoonigan still celebrates that lifestyle in memory of Ken Block, and Ken has given a part of his life to build and expand the Hoonigan Industries.

Ken Block did many great things for Hoonigan Industries: He directed all the creative content of Hoonigan entirely, including Gymkhana content and videos. He made marketing strategies and statistics to help the organization grow. He was also the driver of the Hoonigan Racing Division. Ken Block was the main character and the leader of Hoonigan Industries.

Founder Of Few Clothing Lines

Ken was also a successful entrepreneur who co-founded a clothing line DC Shoes, and the Hoonigan Racing Team. He also co-hosted a show on TV named Gymkhana GRiD. 

Ken Block DC shoes

In 1994, Ken Block founded DC Shoes with Damon Way and Clayton Blehm in Carlsbad, California. After getting popular, the company was moved to Huntington Beach, California, United States. The DC stands for “Doors Clothing,” one of the best clothing brands in that tenure. On March 8, 2004, the company was sold to Quicksilver for $87 million. 

Ram 1500 TRX Sandblast Edition with Ken Block

Ken Block revealed details about RAM 1500 TRX Sandblast Edition by testing the vehicle in his own way. He tested the RAM truck by pacing through jumps, donuts, and also in Gymkhana style. The video has the best shots and in just 15 minutes he gave us the best look at Sandblast and how good is the vehicle.

Achievement and Rewards

Ken has achieved numerous awards in his professional career and achieved great success in rally racing. Here are some of the most significant achievements and awards of Ken Block:

  • Global RallyCross Championship: Ken has won multiple races in the Global RallyCross Championship event. This event includes high-jumping and high-speed action racing.
  • X Games Gold Medals: X Games events is one of the leading sports events in motorsports. Ken has won several gold medals for his driving skills and stunts in rally car racing.
  • Gymkhana World Tour: In the Gymkhana World Tour series, he did high-end stunts in different cities around the world. The media covered the whole series and was popular among the fans.

Ken has a large fan following across the globe who admire him as his mentor and motivation.

Social Media Accounts

Ken is an inspiration for the generations and has a large fan following over the world. Fans admire him as a mentor and want to be updated with his daily routine and life. They follow Ken on his social media accounts to know more about him. 

He has accounts on all big social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Fans follow his accounts to stay updated with his daily routine and for the following events he participates in. After his death, his team handled and controlled his social media accounts.

How Did Ken Block Become Famous?

His rise to fame came to him when he debuted in 2005 in a rally racing competition, where he showed his racing skills and techniques to win audience hearts. He became popular in the motorsport world after his first race in a big event. Later, he started participating in significant events and won many titles for his country, team, and family. He was a fantastic talent in sports that the world will never see again.

What was Ken Block net worth?

Ken Block net worth was estimated at around $200 million when he died. He earned this enormous amount through various sources, such as his racing career, business ventures, endorsements, and deals. He competed in rally racing, drifting, time attack, and other racing series. The Gymkhana video series was the primary fact he was famous for.

He also started a clothing business and succeeded in tackling all hurdles. He also introduced Hoonigan Racing Division to the world and co-hosted Gymkhana GRiD, a television show. Moreover, he also had endorsement contracts with multiple companies, like Toyo Tires, Ford Motor Company, and Monster Energy.

How did Ken block die?

Ken Block died on January 2, 2023, at the age of 55. He was in Woodland, Utah, and driving a snowmobile near his ranch. The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department found him dead on the spot and reported Ken Block cause of death was an accident. After the news of Ken Block death, the world of racing and his fans felt sad that they had lost a gem in rally racing. They showed their condolences on the social media platforms.

His fellow driver in rally racing, Travis Pastrana, said, “Ken always pushed his limits to do more and more and inspired others to do the same to achieve their goals, and he will be deeply missed.”

Ken spread rally racing to a broader audience and incredibly introduced motorsport worldwide. Through his Gymkhana series, he promoted the racing world of motorsports. He was a true legend and will always be remembered through his work.

Final – Thoughts

Ken was famous and known for his unique driving skills, Gymkhana video series, and a dedicated fanbase who always admired him. He showed that if you have a passion, follow the right path to success. Ken Block net worth was the primary source for his family to rely on, and he also left behind memories. He will always be remembered as an icon in the world of motorsport. 


Who owns hoonigan?

Ken Block founded Hoonigan, but now Hoonigan is owned by Wheels Pros, LLC.

How tall is Ken Block?

His height was 6 ft (1.83 m) tall with good looking and charming personality.

How did Ken block make his money?

Ken Block net worth was a combination of various sources, such as Gymkhana videos, racing career, and endorsements.

How much does Ken block make annually?

As per an estimate, he had earned $84k per year through all of his sources of income.

When Did Ken Block Die?

He died on January 2, 2023, at the age of 55, in a snowmobile accident in Woodland, Utah.

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