Silvervale Face Reveal: Who’s Behind the Mask?


The Silvervale Face Reveal is a much-anticipated topic among her fans. Who is behind the mask of this famous American Virtual YouTuber? Discover everything about Silvervale in this article, including her real name, age and face reveal.

Biography of Silvervale:

Silvervale is a well-known YouTuber who has opted to keep her real name hidden for the time being. Often, the internet is abuzz with speculation about her identity – many are eager to see her face.

She was born in an American family on 12 August 1998 in the United States. Silvervale completed her high school education in her hometown at a nearby private school. She has not provided any information regarding her educational background.

Some additional information about her includes her height is 165 cm or 5’5”, her astrological sign is Leo, and her current age is 23 as of 2021. Her persona online is Daiya. And her weight is around 53 kg.

She has long hair that turns pink at the neck and sky blue at the crown. Her ears are covered in pink petals that resemble pink fur, and she also has a fluffy wolf tail. In her videos, Silvervale frequently makes an appearance dressed in black.

Her ethnicity appears to be mixed, but very little information about her parents or siblings is available.

Real NameNot Known
ProfessionYoutuber/Virtual Twitch Streamer
Home TownUnited States
ReligionNot Known
Popular forV-tubing

Silvervale Marital Status:

So far, not much is known about Silvervale except that she is an unmarried woman in her early twenties whose current relationship status is single. What will happen next for this mysterious figure remains to be seen.

Silvervale Face Reveal:

Since Silvervale first came onto the YouTube scene, people have been curious about her looks. Is she a mysterious masked figure? Or is there something more to it?

Silvervale has never actually shown her face in any of her videos. And while some may say that this only adds to her enigmatic persona, others are frustrated at not being able to see what she looks like.

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, one thing is for sure – Silvervale face reveal it remains one of the most searched terms among her followers. Many desperately want to know what lies behind that mask!

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Silvervale, the Internet persona. She has never confirmed nor denied any of the rumors that circulate about her true identity. However, this has kept people from speculating and creating their theories about who she could be. 

Some say she’s just a random person whose picture was taken and shared online without her permission. Others believe that she’s purposely hiding her true identity for some reason or another. 

Interestingly, there will be no Silvervale face reveal according to her plans.


Silvervale’s fixation on electronic media led to her becoming a Virtual-YouTuber. Since the development of technology that can monitor your actions and generate a digital representation of yourself, she has become increasingly interested in creating an online persona.

She wanted to share her love of technology and gaming. But something unique happened along the way: Silvervale’s audience began to grow.

At first, it was just a few friends here and there, but before long, people from all corners of the internet were watching her videos. And then came the day that would change everything.


In 2019, she tried to sign up for Twitch with her real name but found it already in use. After a while, she switched to @Silvervale . Her fans had difficulty tracking her down because of her complicated username. Fortunately, after establishing her fan base and wrapping up her birthday stream in 2020, she was quickly accepted into the Twitch Partner program.


Her video introductions changed as her popularity grew. At the start of her live shows, she would show a 2D Gif of her anime character while they waited for more viewers to tune in. She then began chatting with her viewers while standing in front of a photo-realistic set.

She would return to the chat in the final minutes of her stream, usually after finishing a live game. She announced to her followers in November that she would be joining VShojo. She would be joining the founding team of a VTuber agency.


By 2021, she had perfected her avatar design with the help of ARKit full facial tracking, which accurately reflected her genuine emotions. She also started working with her fellow VShojo members and her circle.

She streams gameplay from various titles on her Twitch account, including Monster Hunter Rise, Escape Simulator, and Skyrim.

She started her YouTube channel, though, in November 2015. She used to twitch broadcast solely, but lately, she’s also begun uploading videos.

As is customary, she has posted a selection of her best Twitch streams here. She has uploaded over 200 videos to her channel and amassed over 223,000 subscribers and over 11 million views.

Social Media Account:

Silvervale’s Instagram account boasts over 27k followers. She has posted 74 times on Instagram. Despite her prolific posting, not a single one of her photos shows her face. She has only posted gaming-related photos and videos to Instagram.

On Twitter, she has 419.3k followers. Despite tweeting more than 18,300 times, there has never been a silvervale face reveal to disclose who she is.

Silvervale, much like Instagram, has confined its coverage of the games to tweets. Her streaming-only YouTube channel has 326k subscribers.

Approximately 398k people are following the streamer on Twitch.

Silvervale’s Twitter@Silvervale 
Silvervale’s Twitch@_Silvervale_
Silvervale’s Instagram_silvervale_


Silvervale is a full-time Twitch streamer with a sizable net worth through her live streaming. She regularly streams on her channel, generating income from ads and donations during her broadcasts. Primarily, she earns revenue from sponsorships, product placements, and donations from viewers.

Overall, Silvervale’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 – making her an accomplished member of the streaming community.


There is much speculation as to what Silvervale face reveal occurs and what her natural face looks like. Despite being a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, she has never shown her natural face in any of her videos or streams.

Her profile photo is an animated wolf girl image she uses across all her social media platforms. It will be exciting to see when the silvervale face reveal finally happens – especially now that so many people are curious!

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